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 Franchisee Training 

Just a few more steps to get your business ready!
Watch these videos and read the texts below to understand your dashboard and adjust your website as needed!

Training Video 1:

Training Video 2:

What happens when someone buys a franchise from your website?
You instantly earn 20% of the sale. When someone buys a franchise from you, you must do both of these things immediately:

  1. Write to us, notifying us of the purchase, and sending us the exact full name and email of the customer (and phone number if provided).

  2. In order for us to proceed with the creation of your client's website, you must go to our website and purchase the franchise with a special code which is: franchise20.

  3. Knowing that the client has paid you in full to your account, by buying the franchise from our website with the code franchise20, you are sending us our share and you are keeping 20% of the total amount.

Start Marketing on Google Now!

In this video you will learn the basics of Google ads and usage of cpc and your keywords to have a better control on your Google ad campaign

Download Free Software if needed!

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